Safety advice

Health, Safety and Emergency Information

Seamanship advice from 1897
Loading the double skiff trailer
Loading the single skiff trailer


Topher Dawson 01854612342 or 07597568210

Other numbers
Harbour Office 01854612091
Coastguard 01854613076 (non-emergency)
Heath Centre 01854612015

Rowing base
Ullapool little pier, LBSC dinghy park.

Nearest phone
Royal Hotel or Lochbroom Filling Station across road

Navigation hazards
Mooring buoys and trailing lines near little pier
Yachts, dinghies and pleasure craft near little pier
Fishing boats, tripper boats and other commercial traffic using inside of big pier
Large tugs, fishing boats, etc, using outside of big pier
Stornoway ferries using ro-ro ramp

Possible access and exit points
Little pier and beach beside it
Beach inside big pier
Beach south of little pier as far as Sandy Osborne's house
Beach on north side of Corrie Point, facing Ullapool
Beach below the Arch Inn
Beach below the caravan site (a bit stony)
Logie Bay

What to do in an emergency
Man Overboard: Shout “man overboard!”
Keep one of the crew looking and pointing at the MOB
Reassure MOB
Manoevre boat to pick MOB up, avoiding oar strike
Pass MOB back along gunwale to stroke and cox
As MOB is hauled in, balance the boat with other crew to opposite side
Keep MOB out of wind, put into thermal suit
Return to base ASAP
Telephone ahead for medical help
Make sure casualty is looked after even if they seem fine
Write up incident in this folder.

Other emergency
Use anchor if appropriate to avoid boat drifting
Phone for help with waterproof phone
If the need is urgent, 999 and ask for Coastguard